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This year, OTM participants can opt for the blanket registration fee which gives access to all OnTheMove events (3 conferences, the Industry Case studies Program, 3 workshops and the OTM Academy) or choose between the conference and workshop registration. The registration fees include access to all keynote talks; they also include a copy of the proceedings of all the conferences and all the workshops on USB stick, the welcome reception, coffee breaks and the conference dinner.

On-site registrations will be possible in combination with credit card payment and carry a surcharge of 115 Euro.

A USB stick containing the proceedings is included in the registration fee.

Excess page charges: For conference full papers, the maximal allowed number of pages is 18, for conference short papers, it is 8. For workshop papers, this maximum is 10. However, we do allow papers exceeding those page limits, but the authors get charged 100 Euro per excess page. We allow at most 2 excess pages (and thus 20 pages in total for conference full papers, 10 for conference short papers, 12 for workshop papers). Authors with additional pages above the allowed number of pages (Springer Verlag format): please add the total number of excess pages in the appropriate box below.

Presenting authors: Please select the event and fill in the PaperID of the you will be presenting at OnTheMove'18 below. In case that you have multiple accepted papers you wish to present, select one paper below, and contact the Conference Secretariat at
Note: Papers will only be included in the proceedings if  the payment of the presenting author's registration fee is received by September 8th (author's registration deadline).

All-in package for OTM Academy presenting first author student: Available to a limited number of applicants. We offer a special registration fee for presenting first author students accepted for the OTM Academy which includes access to all conferences and workshops for 575 EURO. Successful applicants will receive notification and an OTM referral number from the Program Chair, which can be entered above during the registration proc ess. Note: you only qualify for this special rate if you are a PhD-student, AND (a) First author of a submission to the OTM Academy or (b) otherwise accepted for participation by the program chairs. This special rate however is NOT available if you are a presenting author for any paper in other workshops or conferences at the federated event. PhD student presenting a paper in other workshops or conferences might be selected and given the opportunity to rehearse their presentation on the 2nd day of the OTM Academy and get valuable comments from the OTMA faculty. Interested PhD students: please check the corresponding box below.

Check: Please select or fill in what applies in the table below

(note that the registration deadline for authors is September 8th).

Blanket fee (covers all events - all conferences and workshops)

(945 Euro)

Conference "One Buys All" (CoopIS, Cloud & Trusted Computing, ODBASE) fee

(825 Euro)

Workshop "One Buys All" (All workshops) fee

(645 Euro)

OTM Academy All-in package, if accepted - see notes above

(575 Euro)

For presenting authors: select the event and fill in the paperID of the paper you will be presenting (for multiple papers, fill in one and contact the conference secretariat)

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Method of payment

We accept credit card payments (Visa - Mastercard/Eurocard - American Express) -- strongly preferred.

Payments may also be performed by bank transfer. All such payments must be made to the conference account at the following bank, preferably by SWIFT electronic transfer, and proof of payment joined with the registration overview you will receive at the end of a successful registration are to be sent to the conference secretariat by e-mail.  

Participants who would be unable to do this, may also airmail to the organizers (not to the bank) a pre-cleared ("cashier's") check, made payable to "DOA Institute". This will however incur additional clearing and handling charges, and so this option must be agreed with the organizers beforehand. For costs, mailing details and instructions, send an email to the conference secretariat at Note that this does not in principle extend the due dates for payment.


Fortis Bank

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B-1000 Brussels

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DOA Institute

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 BE60 2200 6109 4070

On-site registration payments incur a surcharge (see schedule above) and can be made either in cash, by credit card or by check (a bank clearing and handling charge will apply). Receipts will be provided on request.

Federated Conferences Event registration secretariat:

DOA Institute v.z.w. 

Confirmation of Payment and Invoices

All registrations will receive confirmation only by means of a printable registration overview page at the end of a successful registration. If you require a (company) invoice, please send an email requesting so and (mandatorily) e-mail a properly authorized purchase order to the address above.

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